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Articles & Papers

The following articles and papers are currently available.

Custom DataGridViewColumn & IDataGridViewEditingControl classes

Last Updated: June 2009

An advanced look at extending the DataGridViewColumn base classes using VB.Net and a ComboBox control.

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Review of BT Broadband Basic

Last Updated: August 2005

Details of the BT Broadband Basic package, including its lack of outbound SMTP email server support.

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Abstract Database Viewer (ADBV)

Last Updated: 1998

Databases are an integral part of many businesses around the world. Through the Internet or an Intranet, it is possible for these databases to be made accessible to whomever the company wishes. The problem is that interested parties wish to view the data, without the need for installation of extra software every time they want to access a different database.

The following document describes the processes that were involved in analysing, designing, implementing and testing the ADBV solution, and the future development that could enhance the current system.

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