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June 2008

More Copyright induced Crazy Talk

June 19, 2008

I've just read Ashley Highfield's "Should the ISPs be fined if they knowingly carry illegal content?" and I just don't understand the argument for ISPs policing content. [The article was pulled down for a while, but its basically Ashley letting his ... Read more & comment

How to wind me up over coffee

June 17, 2008

Sitting here with a coffee and checking the state of the world on Bloglines, I stumbled on Geoff Taylor's response to Bill Thompson. The way Geoff Taylor constantly twists and sometimes reverses facts shows how desperate the BPI and other bodies are... Read more & comment

OCX wrappers for .Net - The joy of AxInterop

June 13, 2008

Why are certain ActiveX Property definitions marked as ReadOnly when you drop an OCX into .Net? And why do some Method and Event definitions not appear as expected? There is a Microsoft article - PRB: Name Collision in the ActiveX Wrapper Class, plu... Read more & comment