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Woo Ajax!

Well I've had a fun few hours finally getting to grips with Ajax, and with the help of the zXml library and Professional Ajax from Wrox, it's turned out relatively easy to hook everything together Geeky Grin. Admittedly I'm supposed to be on holiday, but with no car due to a completely dead battery which won't charge, and the only other choices being housework or walking in the rain, I thought it was about time I get on with a few things that have been hanging around in my head taking up space for so long.

So Eaton Bray now comes with ajax comments (oh, and a major overhaul of the design too!) Now to see how the spammers get on trying to get past the checks - fingers crossed I've done enough this time to make sure they don't get their grubby links through.

So, if you're bored, please go break Eaton Bray for me. Smile

By on October 31, 2007 | Permalink | Comment

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