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Copyright Tax coming to UK Broadband?

After the BPI have pushed so hard for ISPs to police the internet, it looks like they've convinced the government to step in and help them out - Internet piracy regulations planned for UK.

"The need for government intervention was apparently underlined when the department for business said none of its own proposals for regulation had won 'widespread support'."

Funny how trying to force ISPs to do things that weren't technically feasible hadn't won "widespread support"!

This is bad news though, as the proposed Rights Agency (yet another organisation to sit alongside PRS and the BPI) would be "paid for by a small levy [on ISPs]". This basically means that all UK broadband users are going to end up being taxed to use the internet, just in case they download music "illegally".

And as we are going to be paying this extra tax, does this not then give us the right to actually download music for free from anywhere, as the BPI is already being paid for this music?

OK, so the logic there doesn't quite add up, but plenty of people could see it that way, thus making the music industry's perceived problem even worse.

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