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Adding a Forward Only user to Exchange Online

This is based on writeups on various forums and here mainly to remind me what is required.

  1. Go into Office 365 Administrator mode. Then go to Admin/Exchange.
  2. Under the Recipients section select Contacts.
  3. Add a Mail Contact for the person using his or her personal e-mail address.
  4. Then back under the Recipients section select Shared.
  5. Create a Shared Mailbox for the user using the "company" e-mail address for that user. This does not use a license.
    • Important: Use a different Display Name for the shared mailbox and the contact as this is used to create the Alias which must be different.
  6. Edit the Shared Mailbox and select Mailbox Features.
  7. Scroll down to Mail Flow and select View Details.
  8. Enable Mail Forwarding and then select the Contact created above.
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