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March 2008

Managing Stored User Credentials on Windows Vista

March 31, 2008

Windows stores credentials (the logon name and password) for users who access network resources. This makes it easier to navigate through the network, because when the user successfully logs on to the remote resource the first time, and selects the o... Read more & comment

The Evolution of Tech Companies' Logos

March 26, 2008

Details of various company logos and how they have developed over the years, including Adobe, Apple, Canon, Nokia, and many more. The Evolution of Tech Companies' Logos... Read more & comment

New full-length WALL-E trailer released

March 17, 2008

Pixar has finally released the full-length trailer for its highly anticipated upcoming animated film, WALL-E. Suffice to say it doesn't disappoint.... Read more & comment

A Musical Fable

March 6, 2008

I don't very ofter bother to read the comments on Techdirt, but was interested in what the sensible folk might have to say about Another Look At The 'Does File Sharing Equal Stealing?' Question. With most of the commentors missing the point of the ar... Read more & comment