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July 2008

Microsoft Sphere

July 30, 2008

This feels like it really should be a joke, but allegedly it's real. Microsoft Sphere currently includes a "send to dark side" feature, and obligatory Pong game! Who comes up with this stuff, and how do I get to work there?! Sounds like a place wh... Read more & comment

Kasperksy Database Update Errors

July 25, 2008

Just checked the logs on one of the servers, and Kaspersky had gone nuts logging many many errors every hour, all because it kept on hitting the same error over and over again: Error downloading module from the update source. Reason: access denied. ... Read more & comment

RDC Network Level Authentication in XP SP3

July 22, 2008

With all the articles around stating that Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) 6.1, as delivered with XP SP3, does indeed support NLA, you still have to turn on CredSSP manually for NLA to work! (which requires two manual registry changes and a reboot...)... Read more & comment

Big F1 news...

July 4, 2008

Quite suprisingly Donington Park is to host the British GP from 2010 - more here. I never guessed the speculation would actually turn into a reality. And on the same day, Bernie also announced he's gonna stop badgering Melbourne to host a night race... Read more & comment