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PC Problem Solving

Since 1994, I have been PC problem solving for local (and some not so local) people. I aim to provide friendly down-to-earth technical support to help people out with any PC problem they may be having - large or small.

This may be answering a simple question like:

"I've deleted an icon off my desktop - how do I get it back?"

or it may be something a bit more challenging, such as:

"I've never owned a computer before, but I'd like help choosing one and training on how to use it",

or maybe even:

"My computer's got a virus. HELP!!!"

In each case, and anywhere in between, I'm happy to help out for a small fee.

My experience comes from:

  • Many years (since 1984) of practical, hands-on work
    (mostly with Microsoft DOS/Windows based PCs - from DOS v3 through to Windows XP/Vista and Windows Server 2003 - but also a few years of BBC Model Bs, Electrons, Archimedes', Apple Macs and even a very old Amstrad)
  • My MCSE qualification

Information on how to contact me can be found here.