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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Shining LostYou can probably guess what I watched last night, but this Jack has also been working way too much recently. Unfortunately that doesn't look like it will slow down any time soon, but Friday night meant a few hours off, and I did manage to relax and catch up on the stories of a few other Jacks.

Before another viewing of The Shining, I had the fun of watching Lost Series 5 come to an end in dramatic form; admittedly not as dramatic as Jack Torrance arriving on the island and chasing everyone with an axe, but still pretty dramatic! I am very much looking forward to everything (hopefully) being wrapped up in Series 6; only another nine or so months to wait for the final series to kick off!

At least with that over and 24 coming to an end my iTunes bill will be much lower each week now. And with many less Jack stories to catch up on, my Friday nights off could become even more interesting :-)

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