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Web Development

Eaton Bray, Bedfordshire

For the latest version of Eaton Bray, it was decided to build a layout based on a 1024px wide screen for the first time. In addition, this was time to add comments to the news blog.

The next step will be to add a forum and other interactive sections.

Eaton Bray
Eaton Bray, Bedfordshire

Archive - 2005 layouts

The idea of the Eaton Bray site initially was to aggregate news and information from many local sources into an easy-to-access site.

The blog was up and running for a few months, but the problem was integrating that with the rest of the required content.

Those problems have now been solved, and a new design created that is hopefully much more useable. Over the next few months I plan to add various new parts to the site to make it much more of a community led place to visit and return to.

As usual, I have tried to make it as accessible as possible (altho there is yet to be a PDA or Print stylesheet added).

Eaton Bray
Eaton Bray News and Information