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Formula 1

Secret Diary of Michael Schumacher: Part 3

July 2002

Part Drei: Heidi and her seven Schumis!

Part DreiSo now I have made the 150th win for Ferrari it is back to business as usual, as they say in business. I am thinking that we have a couple of toes on the world championship podium now. With a 43 point advantage I am getting close to the kind of gap I am comfortable with. And that is obviously a big compliment to everyone at Maranello and our tifosis as well as the test team and anyone who drives a Ferrari, or a Maserati.

Nigel Stepney, who is a groovy guy even if he is not remembering to tuck his T-shirts into his trousers from time to time, said to me that we ought to call Ferrari's attitude, the Lenny Kravitz attitude to F1.

I have to admit that I am looking at him quite blankly in response to this comment. Then he sang, "It ain't over till it's o-ver."

And then I got his meaning, because after the race I said, "It is being realistic to believe that is not over until it is over." Like I say, one groovy guy. I'm not so much into pop and soul music. Ralf and I both prefer guitar-based rock.

I was disappointed by the Villeneuve and the Montoya fans booing at me in Montreal but I blew them kisses in return. My tifosis were out in strong force at Canada also. It is a strange thing in Quebec that some of them yell (I think) - "You're the guy, you're No.1" but use the middle finger to indicate No.1. In Europe we are using the index finger for this.

After the race and on the podium I started my new strategy of winking. I am not going to try for the jokes like Montoya and Ralf and DC because they are more known for this. I have decided I will be doing my own thing and make my own trademark. I did talk over some jokes with Sabine, but it was difficult to make her react. I tried one very funny joke and all she said was, "Don't forget you have to speak to the Shell people in 15 minutes."

Jean thinks this winking is good. "It makes you look more human," he said and I think that was a nice compliment. On the podium in Montreal I pointed at people in the team and winked at them, because this suggests a jolly humorous person who is ready to let go of a cheeky wink at any moment. Ross came up to me in the motorhome afterwards smiling in his big teddy-bear way and said, "you do know Ron Dennis can wink out of both eyes don't you? That makes him a complete winker!" And then he laughed for several minutes. And then he told Nigel and Nigel is also laughing hilariously. I certainly don't get this joke thing.

For instance an internet joke I saw on Why is Michael Schumacher the worst lover in the world? Because he's no good at coming second. I cannot understand why something so personal and intimate between two people is considered a laughing matter. I would get Willi to take action, but he shrugs and says "chill out baby, there is nothing you can do."

There is a little trouble right now with fans at both extremes of the scale chart. I have a fan called Heidi who is trying so hard to get in touch with me and is writing me letter after letter after letter saying she wants to have my children. This is not appropriate. She says she now has seven cardboard cut-out Schumis in her bedroom and every night she goes to sleep surrounded by me. These promotional figures are very nice to see, but I dare not think what some of them might get up to.

A good thought, though, is Germany's progress in the World Cup. We have every chance to get through to the Quarter Finals which will be when I am in Germany at the Nurburgring, so a lot to look forward to. I was keeping my wishes crossed that we would not meet Italy, which for sure would put me in a difficult position. If everything is successful then we could still meet up in the semi-final. Perhaps I will say, "Hey guys, I'm Swiss now."

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Disclaimer: I am not the author, but have archived these entries for posterity as I felt that they were so well written by "Michael Schumacher" for Planet-F1 (who have removed almost all of the originals from their website).